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Max Watts has worked with movie lighting for many years.  Primordial Ties (2010) was the first feature film as Gaffer and Lighting Designer.  Since then I’ve worked on many film and video projects and feature films like The Birder (2012) and The Performance (2015).  Whether your production is small or big budget, Max Watts has the lighting rental inventory and expertise to make a difference for your gaffer and grip crew.  Give us a call to find out more!

Experience and passion for the craft of lighting is what sets Max Watts Lighting & Grip apart. 

Find out for yourself how great lighting can reveal your goals and passions for your next project!


Primordial Ties, Written, Directed and Edited by Otto Buj, Gaffer & Lighting Design by Sergio Forest, Stephanie Sobocan in the film still on the left, Mark Lefebvre in the film still on the right.